Best Exercise For Belly Fat and Thighs

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best exercise for belly fat and thighs

Sagging belly or flabby thighs make clothing uncomfortable and unattractive, which makes wearing them difficult. Strengthening and cardio exercises combined with a healthy diet plan have proven successful at eliminating belly and thigh fat.

Jumping jacks can help burn excess fat while improving agility in your body. Just stand erect with legs shoulder-width apart and hands in an outstretched position on either side.


Thigh fat can be an ongoing struggle for women and it’s difficult to shed. Most often affecting inner thighs, and often associated with living an inactive lifestyle. There are however effective exercises designed to target inner and outer thigh muscles as well as glutes and quadriceps as well as burn excess calories while strengthening muscles. Lunges, lateral lunges and curtsy lunges can all help in the battle against thigh fat – as well as improve overall strength by targeting inner/outer/inner/outer thigh muscles as well as glutes/quadriceps/quadriceps/quadriceps/quadriceps etc – these exercises help with both inner/outer thigh muscle/quadriceps/quadriceps/quadriceps/quadriceps/quadriceps work all three thigh/curtsy lunges/curtsy lunges/curtsy lunges/curtsy lunges/curtsy lunges/curtsy lunges/curtsy lungesy lunges/curtsy lunges to target inner/outer thigh/glute/ glute/ quadriceps muscles simultaneously to burn excess calories while improving muscle strength development as well.

To perform a lunge, stand with feet about hip-width apart with core engaged and eyes focused forward. Take one big step with right leg to lunge left before driving through your back foot out of lunge position – repeat 12-16 times per leg for optimal results.

Explosive or jumping lunges provide another great variation to lunge exercises that is sure to get your legs and hips moving and burning calories fast. This variation is particularly effective at working multiple muscle groups simultaneously for maximum caloric burn.

Other exercises proven effective for reducing hip and thigh fat include lunges, squats, deadlifts and leg raises. Performing these exercises as part of a circuit with brief rests between exercises is recommended; eating light meals such as bananas or granola bars two hours prior to exercising will provide energy without overstraining your stomach and making exercise harder overall.

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Fire Hydrants

The fire hydrant exercise is an excellent way to work the glutes and abductors – the muscles on the outside of quads – as well as to sculpt inner thigh area. It requires mobility, core balance, wrist strength as well as hip flexibility to complete.

Contrasting with traditional exercises such as squats, deadlifts and lunges, transverse plane movements offer additional stability for knees, hips and spine. Furthermore, transverse plane exercises help target smaller gluteal muscles that may otherwise go unused during exercises like squats or lunges.

Fire hydrants are an effective lower body exercise, but for maximum results it should be combined with exercises that target all core and thigh muscles. Try pairing fire hydrants with donkey kicks to further tone and tighten legs – you will enjoy an impressive full-body burn and make your booty look amazing.

Resistance Band Fire Hydrant. To perform this variation of a traditional fire hydrant, simply place a resistance band around your thighs and move against its resistance while performing the same movement as you would do normally, with additional ankle weights for added challenge and to strengthen abductors.

If you are uncertain if this exercise is right for you, try beginning without resistance bands at first and gradually add challenge as you build confidence. You could also start with modified fire hydrant version which has less range of motion to protect back, hips and wrists.

Wall Sits

Wall sits are an effective way to strengthen and tone both thighs and glutes while toning abs. You can increase their effectiveness by adding weighted balls or compressing an exercise ball between your legs for added resistance.

Start this exercise by standing with feet shoulder-width apart two feet away from a wall, placing your shoulders slightly backward and tucking your chin tucking it slightly back. Although you may feel some intensity during this exercise, burning sensations should not deter you – this indicates that your muscles are getting stronger!

Once in this position, slowly lower yourself until your knees do not touch the floor. As you become adept at this exercise, gradually extend the time in each wall sit position until eventually you have built enough strength and endurance to perform one-minute long wall sits.

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Wall sits differ from most exercises by keeping your muscles contracted/used for an extended period, helping to burn more calories and effectively tone both thighs and abdominal muscles. Plus, they’re easy to perform anywhere – perfect for anyone wanting to boost tone!

However, to effectively use wall sits as an exercise to burn belly fat, they should be combined with other strategies such as targeting different muscle groups with targeted exercises, rest days and eating well-balanced diet. If you want to try this great workout for burning off abdominal fat while simultaneously building muscle mass and strength. Start off slowly – three sets of one minute-long wall sits may suffice before gradually increasing their duration until they’ve achieved results!

Toe Touches

Engaging in toe touch as part of a standing workout is one of the most effective strategies for losing belly fat and toning legs, strengthening abs, stretching body and improving flexibility. Plus, it doesn’t require any special equipment; simply incorporate this exercise into your fitness regime effortlessly!

To perform this exercise, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your core is tight before moving the left leg forward while keeping the right leg back and touching its toe. Repeat this exercise ten times on each side.

Another variation of this exercise utilizes a box or Bosu ball for increased challenge and strength development. To perform it successfully, stand in front of either a stationary box or staircase stair that won’t move; raise one leg off of the floor, tap it against its platform while keeping both feet planted firmly on the floor, stretching arms in front of yourself while stretching forwards and back.

As with Exercise 1, perform the same movement; however, instead of touching your toe with your hands, raise your left foot off the floor and touch it with your right foot instead. Return it back down on its original spot before swapping sides; perform 10 to 15 repetitions per side for this exercise.

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Toe Stretch

Stretching can provide similar benefits to stretching other parts of the body, such as greater flexibility and increased strength, for the feet and toes. Stretching regularly will improve flexibility and range of motion while relieving pain caused by tight toe tendons, bunions and other foot conditions. Furthermore, some toe stretches help strengthen intrinsic foot muscles that provide stability and balance.

Toe stretching can be an excellent complement to other exercises for burning belly fat and toning thighs, such as lunges. Simply start off standing with legs hip-width apart, lower yourself slowly until both your front and back legs make a 90 degree angle, then return back up. Repeat this cycle 15-20 times before switching exercises.

Another effective toe exercise is the Hammer Toe Stretch. This exercise targets the bent joint in your toe, helping relieve misalignments or painful toes caused by shoes with heels or tight toes. To perform it, sit with both feet flat on the floor before lifting your right leg up with ankle on left thigh; move all toes up/down/sideways/upholding each position for five seconds in turn while repeating on big toe of left foot.

Dieting with plenty of vegetables and fruits and regular aerobic exercise such as jogging can help people reduce belly and thigh fat effectively, with visceral fat responding much better to aerobic activities like running or swimming than resistance training does. However, to see any significant reduction in waistline reduction you must perform 12 miles worth of aerobic exercises each week.

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