How to Lose Belly Fat in 9 Months

how to lose belly fat in 9 months

There are two main components of any weight loss program: the type of exercise you do and the amount of weight you begin with. A combination of a proper diet and regular exercise can help you lose up to 24 pounds in nine months. In addition, a healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce abdominal fat.


One of the best ways to lose belly fat is exercise. A moderate intensity of exercise has been shown to lower the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. It is also known to help improve the mood of people with major depressive disorders. It’s important to be active on a daily basis to keep your body healthy.

Cardio exercises, such as running, will burn calories quickly. According to the Compendium of Physical Activities (CPA), an average 170 pound person will burn about 12 calories per minute if they are running at six miles per hour. Therefore, a 30-minute running session will burn approximately 360 calories. If you do this three times a week for 9 months, this would equate to 56,160 calories burned.

Exercise helps you build lean muscles and get a flat belly. You should combine aerobics with strength training and build muscle in other parts of the body. Try alternating ab exercises with exercises that target other muscle groups and require more effort. Adding additional muscle tone will improve posture and make your stomach appear slimmer.

One way to build muscle and burn fat is to practice HIIT exercises. These workouts combine strength training with cardio in a single sweat session. Beginners should start with two to three sets of exercises a day. Beginners should use their hands and toes to perform these exercises.

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Losing belly fat is a complex process that requires a caloric deficit. Losing six to seven percent of your total weight can help reduce subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. This will take anywhere from six to twelve weeks, depending on your goals. This means you will need to be consistent in your exercise and diet regimen.

The more muscle you build, the more calories and energy you’ll burn. This is the key to losing belly fat. You can measure the amount of muscle on your belly with a tape measure. You can also use your favorite pair of clothes to gauge how tight they fit. This method is more accurate than callipers, but it can be prone to human error.

Increasing your activity level is another great way to reduce your belly fat. Regular walking can burn 100 calories per mile and help you lose weight. Plus, it can improve your mood and increase your motivation. It’s important to get active on a daily basis to lose weight and get into shape.


A diet to lose belly fat in nine months is not a miracle cure, but it can be an effective way to reduce weight in the abdominal area. The most important factor is regular physical activity. Exercise reduces fat, especially visceral fat, and is also beneficial to the overall health of the body. In fact, moderate-intensity exercise has been linked to decreased risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. In addition, it has been shown to improve the mood of people suffering from major depressive disorders.

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Exercise has also been linked to belly fat loss. According to one study, just one minute of intense exercise can burn one to two pounds of fat. Similarly, exercise can also help you build lean muscle. Exercising helps in shedding the overall fat in the abdominal area, and spending time at the gym helps to lose weight. However, it may take up to two months to lose one to two pounds of belly fat.

Cutting out sugary snacks is also crucial for the belly area. Many ‘diet’ foods contain too much sugar. You should replace processed carbs with slow-release sources of energy. This is what Dr Michael Mosley, the founder of The Fast 800 Diet, recommends.

Fortunately, there is another way to reduce belly fat: exercising and eating more healthfully. A balanced diet that involves low-fat, high-protein foods and drinking plenty of water will help you tone your stomach and reduce overall body fat. This approach will reduce the amount of fat in your belly without depriving your body of nutrients.

Choosing the best diet plan for belly fat loss is critical. You must combine a nutritious diet with exercise and a low-stress lifestyle. While drastic weight loss can be beneficial for belly fat loss, it should be done gradually, as dramatic weight loss may lead to unhealthy eating habits. Before beginning a diet plan, talk to your primary care physician and a dietitian.

A diet plan to lose belly fat in nine months should focus on one area of the body and reduce overall body fat. The first step is to eliminate sugary beverages and foods that contain too much sugar. Sugar increases belly fat, while high-fiber foods reduce it. Juicing fruit also eliminates the fiber from the fruit and leaves only pure sugar.

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Another key to losing belly fat in nine months is to eat more fresh produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of fiber and water and can help you feel full faster and eat fewer calories. Increasing your daily exercise will help you shed more fat. Try to get at least thirty minutes of physical activity a day.

Measurement of belly fat loss

If you want to lose belly fat, you must know your waist measurement. This measurement is important because muscle weighs more than fat. It is important to use a tape measure your waist over your belly button. Be careful not to pinch or suck in as you pull the tape.

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