Freeze Belly Fat Reviews

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Freeze fat is a non-invasive procedure that uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze body fat cells, providing an effective means of eliminating stubborn pockets of fat in areas like stomach, love handles, hips and thighs. While the procedure is generally safe for most individuals it should not be performed on those suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome or abdominal psoriasis as these conditions might negatively impact results.

It is non-invasive

Fat freeze treatment, more commonly known by its brand name CoolSculpting, is an FDA-approved noninvasive method of eliminating excess body fat. This procedure works by sucking fat cells between two pads with special gel and freezing them until their death occurs naturally within your body’s systems. Unlike liposuction or other techniques used to remove extra fatty tissue such as liposculpture, CoolSculpting doesn’t leave behind scars or side effects like other methods – plus its cheaper and safer. Fat Freezing Therapy may be ideal for stubborn pockets of excess deposited around stomach, arms, hips or thighs!

Drs. Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson at Massachusetts Hospital and Harvard University devised this treatment after noting how children who sucked on popsicles developed dimples in their cheeks when exposed to cold. From there, they realized adipose tissue was more sensitive than nerves, muscles and skin when frozen at low temperatures; hence their experiment with freezing temperatures that wouldn’t affect other body structures such as nerves.

During a fat-freezing procedure, a specialist will use a circular fat-freezing applicator similar to what vacuum cleaner technicians use on target areas. Sucking out any extra fat through its cup into it creates a slight pinching sensation which takes approximately 30-60 minutes per area depending on its size; many even fall asleep during their sessions! These sessions aren’t painful at all and many even nap during them!

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Patients can expect visible results within weeks following treatment, and these should continue to improve over three months following. This is because fat cells in the targeted area will continue to decrease without altering in size; results should therefore remain long-lasting, although patients must maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to keep them under control.

Its key advantage is not requiring general anesthesia or going into the surgical center for the procedure – instead, everything is completed in-office by trained clinicians, making the entire experience completely painless and safe for most people while remaining significantly more cost effective than liposuction.

It is safe

Freeze Belly Fat is a non-invasive process designed to target and eliminate fat cells in areas you want to shed weight from without using scalpels or surgery. Utilizing handheld devices with applicators that resemble vacuum cleaner nozzles, this procedure freezes targeted areas at -6 degrees and kills fat cells for good; most patients experience 20-25 percent decreases after just one session! Freezing belly fat may be especially useful for stubborn areas like abdomens, hips and love handles that prove challenging when it comes to losing weight.

At the start of a fat freezing treatment, your provider will apply a gel pad to protect your skin before using a fat freezing device with an applicator similar to vacuum cleaner nozzle. As with vacuuming, this device may cause redness, bruising, firmness, blanching or tingling in the treated area for several days afterward; should this persist, speak to your provider about over-the-counter pain medication options.

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Freeze Belly Fat is unlike other body sculpting procedures because it does not increase fat levels in your blood or harm the liver, nor interfere with eating and exercise habits. However, to achieve lasting results it’s important to continue eating healthily and exercising.

freeze belly fat reviews

It is effective

Freeze Fat is a safe, non-invasive procedure that uses cryolipolysis to safely and quickly eliminate fat from stomach, hips, and thighs. Patients typically resume normal daily activities almost immediately post procedure and see noticeable results within three weeks.

As part of a fat freeze treatment, the first step involves meeting with a certified physician to discuss your goals and determine the most holistic way of reshaping your body. They’ll also help determine how many sessions will be necessary – each session typically lasts 60 minutes each and you can continue going until you achieve the results that matter to you.

A specialist will use an applicator to suction or vacuum away fat tissue in the target area, usually painlessly but you may experience sensations like tingling, pinching and numbness shortly after treatment. After cooling the applicator to -6 degrees Celsius to encourage fat cells crystallization, which takes several hours but you can relax reading or watching television while this process happens.

CoolSculpting was developed by two doctors from Massachusetts Hospital and Harvard University and utilizes their lymphatic system to break down and absorb frozen cells once they die. It’s known as CoolSculpting. They observed Popsicle Panniculitis – in which children who eat popsicles develop dimples on their cheeks – to identify which fat cells were more sensitive to cold than nerve endings, muscle or skin and discovered temperatures which would effectively freeze fat cells without harming other body structures.

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While fat-freezing has proven its efficacy, experts caution that it should not replace diet and exercise. Even after fat-freezing has taken effect, your body still must work to release calories stored in fat cells that remain.

It is affordable

If dieting and exercise are failing to reduce stubborn fat deposits from your body, the freeze belly fat procedure may be a viable solution. It can effectively eliminate unwanted fatty tissue in areas like your stomach, love handles, hips, and thighs for long-term results that cost depends on how many treatments it will require to attain your desired body contouring goal. It is wise to seek medical advice prior to undertaking this treatment plan.


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