How to Make Jeera Water

how to make jeera water

There are several ways to make jeera water:

You can watch a video or follow the steps below to make it at home. The seeds of jeera should be lightly roasted and boiled for 20 minutes. Once the water reduces to half its original volume, strain it and enjoy. Jeera water tastes best when served warm. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add cinnamon and ginger to it before serving. You can also add honey or other spices to enhance its flavor.

Besides being an excellent flavoring, cumin is also packed with health benefits. Some studies have shown that it can help you lose weight. Drinking jeera water is the easiest way to reap its health benefits. Soak a tablespoon of seeds in water overnight. This helps release the bioactive compounds found in the seeds. You will lose weight within 10-14 days. Drinking one glass of this water a day can lead to significant weight loss. And with only seven calories per glass, it is an inexpensive, convenient and quick way to get the benefits of cumin.

When taken regularly, jeera water helps to reduce belly fat and promote better digestion.

It also controls blood sugar levels. Although you can drink it anytime, it is recommended that you consume it on an empty stomach, especially after a heavy meal. As with any other natural supplement, it’s important to drink sufficient amounts of it each day to get maximum benefits. If you experience any strange reactions, seek medical attention right away. But jeera water is definitely worth trying.


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