What Causes Belly Fat in Males Over 60?

Whether males have a large amount of belly fat or not is a matter of lifestyle. A male’s body needs about 1,800 calories per day to function properly. If he consumes less than that amount, his body will store excess fat in the abdomen. The right balance between calories and physical activity will help reduce belly fat and help the male maintain a healthy weight.

what causes belly fat in males over 60

It is difficult to lose belly fat once a person turns 65, but there are certain steps you can take to help you lose belly fat in your later years. For example, weight training and a healthy diet will help you burn belly fat faster. However, you should seek the advice of a professional before making any changes.

Excess belly fat is harmful to your health. It increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. It also increases your risk for stroke. In fact, excess belly fat is linked to a greater risk of premature death. That’s why it is crucial to exercise regularly and to eat a balanced diet, rich in lean protein and vegetables, and limited in refined carbohydrates.

Losing weight is not only beneficial to your health, it can also increase your libido. Many men are overweight and this can be problematic for their sexual life. You may want to consider undergoing PE therapy to help overcome erectile dysfunction and improve your overall well-being.

While it is not clear why men tend to develop excess belly fat, it is linked to a number of factors that make the process more likely. Lack of sleep, for example, may contribute to excess belly fat. Smoking, too, is not directly a cause of belly fat, but is a risk factor.

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As men age, their metabolism begins to slow. This means fewer testosterone, which leads to fat storage in the abdominal area. Men also tend to lose muscle mass as they age. This decrease in muscle slows their metabolism and results in a large amount of belly fat. The fat in the belly is stored as visceral fat.

Regular exercise is important to reduce abdominal fat. A Harvard study showed that men who exercised three times a week were significantly less likely to develop age-related abdominal fat than men who did not exercise. Several other studies have shown similar results. Men need to stick to a consistent schedule in the weight room, and start with an interval training routine.

The process of losing belly fat is often a challenge for men. However, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle that reduces stress and cortisol levels. A diet that is high in fiber is beneficial to your overall health, since it stabilizes your hunger hormones.

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