What Should I Wear If I Have a Fat Belly?

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A super high waist pant can create a huge bulge. If you want to hide your bulge, choose a medium high waist pant with a dark wash or color to recover your old silhouette. Super high waist jeans are difficult to wear because they tend to show a lot of belly, make the bust look bigger, and create a huge waist. You can also try wearing pants that are right in the middle of your belly, but avoid pants that are super wide and have an elastic slider or waist band.

Choosing clothes to hide a fat belly

The best way to hide a fat stomach is to wear layers. For example, you can wear a modern jacket to draw attention away from your tummy. You can also use a belt to draw attention away from your tummy, while choosing a top with details on the upper half of your body. Using these techniques, you can easily hide a big tummy. In addition to layering, you can use patterns and prints to draw attention away from your tummy.

what should i wear if i have a fat belly

You should avoid wearing jeans with a high waist, because they make your stomach look bigger than it is. Instead, choose mid-rise jeans that sit flatteringly on your stomach. Shape-wear is another great option to hide a big belly. Wearing oversized bags will also draw attention away from your tummy and focus attention on other areas. If you are not comfortable wearing these types of clothes, try a few other options.

Wearing a long-line cardigan is another way to hide a fat belly. This style will hide your tummy, and it will make your body appear longer and leaner. Wearing an open jacket will also hide your belly. Wearing a long-line cardigan will smooth your waist-hip line without showing the sides. You can also wear a tummy-tuck top under your pants to hide your muffin top.

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Avoiding heavy fabrics

Unless you’ve opted to lose weight through exercise and healthy eating, you should avoid wearing clothing made from heavy materials. These fabrics will only emphasize your bulged belly and bulky stature, and will trap heat and make you look even larger. Instead, choose lightweight materials such as cotton, satin, silk, or lycra. Lightweight materials will help you look thinner without compromising comfort. Learn the differences between the different fabrics, too, so you can choose the right kind of clothes for your figure.

Choosing fitted pants

One of the key steps to finding the right fitting jeans or pants is to know your body measurements. This will ensure that you do not buy a pair that is too big for your figure. It will also ensure that you look proportionate, and avoid looking big in the wrong clothes. You should also buy a couple of sizes bigger than you usually wear. If you are unsure, ask the sales assistant if the sizing changes when the jeans are washed, or if you should try on each pair of pants you buy. Baggy jeans make your belly look bigger than it actually is, so you should avoid them.

Getting the right fit is very important when choosing pants for a fat belly. If your belly is large, you should buy pants with a waist that is around the largest part of your belly. Avoid pants with waistlines that are above or below your belly. Do not rely on the waist measurements on the label of the pants – they are often too small for you. Try on various sizes and styles to find the right fit for your body. It is best to choose solid-colored pants rather than those with patterns. Also, try to find pants with a flat front. If you can, try to tuck your shirt into your pants, which will hide the bulge in your belly.

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Avoiding jeans with elastic sliders

Whether you have a small or large belly, you should avoid buying pants with elastic sliders. The problem with this type of waistband is that they tend to slide down your stomach when you wear them. They can also be too tight in the calves, which will cause them to move around when you sit or climb stairs. It is best to stick to lighter shades of jeans if you have a large belly.

Choosing one-color blouses

Choosing one-color blouses for highlighting a fat belly can be a fun way to dress up your outfit while hiding a large belly. The monochrome effect can lift a look and give the appearance of leaner muscles. By wearing a solid-color blouse, you can attract attention to other parts of your body, such as your face and neck, instead of your fat belly.

Choosing cardigans

When you’re trying to hide a large belly, your sweaters can help. You can wear a long cardigan to make your torso look slimmer, or opt for a short cardigan to hide your belly. Longer cardigans are also flattering, but they should not cling to your torso. A cardigan that’s too loose or too tight can actually make your torso look wider.

Choosing cardigans for a fat stomach can be a tricky task. Luckily, there are several options to help you look slimmer in an oversized sweater. Choose one made of a thin knit and avoid big, bulky prints. Avoid sweaters with large drawings on them, and opt for a long-sleeved sweater with diagonal stripes. For best results, choose a cardigan with a belt.

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Long-line cardigans create nice long lines, while shorter straight cardigans have a boxier silhouette. For shorter-tailed girls, a straight cardigan will cover the tummy, creating a more slender silhouette. And if you’re looking for a way to hide your belly without revealing too much of it, wear earrings. A long-sleeved cardigan can even hide your belly.

Choosing structured jackets

To balance your torso and accentuate your good shape, choose a structured jacket that is more than hip-length. You can also opt for a jacket with high shoulder buttons and a nipped waist to draw attention away from your midsection. Vertical pinstripes and structured shoulders are also great options for balancing your figure. You can even choose trousers with higher rise to elongate your legs.

If your fat belly is a little bigger, you can choose a single-breasted jacket. This will create a slimmer silhouette and wide shoulders, while a double-breasted jacket will emphasize your rectangle shape. Structured jackets can also be tailored to eliminate bagginess. Tailoring the sleeves will also minimize space between the arms and waist, giving you a slimmer look.

When choosing a jacket, avoid horizontal stripes and clingy knits. Horizontal stripes make you look wider than you are. Try structured jackets that have structured fabrics and lines. Choose a wrap-style jacket or a tailored blazer. Make sure the sleeves fall below the hip bone. Avoid embellishments and slits in the neckline, as they only emphasize your broader midriff.


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